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If you have questions about joining our business that your not sure of, Give A Call!! 1-320-632-2929 11-9 central time. For Michael (Mike) Melin Little Falls, Minnesota USA
Please don't call to reverse market me in another program. A few attraction marketing gurus teach that. My time is spent in promotions and not research, if I looked at every program out there I would never have time for mine. My time is for my family and my team.

About Us::
Mike and Michelle Melin: We are life long Minnesota residents. Married to the same sweety 27 years. Dabbled in MLM over 20 years. Some successes some failures. But never gave up on the dream. No real hobbies, no kids, don't follow sports, don't party on the weekends.
This is it for us. This is what we do! Michelle takes care of the behind the scenes work and I handle the phones, prospecting and direction to our training. Apply the golden rule in ALL areas of our life. We are CBN 700 club members, follow John Hagee, Jack van Impe, and Hal Lindsey media Ministries. Plus (ASPCA) American society for the prevention of cruelty of animals. So by helping us you are also helping these great organizations. With all the success coaches, motivation coaches, gurus, teachers or mentors of some sort. We follow the best in the LORD!

Who We Are:: Michelle and I have almost always been blue collar workers. The company I worked for closed it's door went out of business, after 65 years. I resurrected myself with a job that paid less then 2 thirds what I was earning. Then got laid off from that one I did 4 years in the U.S Navy Also 2 years recent political fund raising by phone. Top 20% money earner for the party.What a horrible nightmare that was! But trained to use the phone effectively. We focus on the significant few, not the insignificant man.

Our Business:: You don't need us to tell you the state of the economy. With corporate greed and political traitors giving the country away. This may be our last option.

Futurechanges mission statement:: To be here by phone to help all our members who join with us in our business. Work with those we also would choose as friends with all our heart. Mike and Michelle Melin 1-320-632-2929 11am to 9 pm central time N.E. Little Falls, Minnesota

Email us your questions, and comments with your name and phone number and we will call or email you.